Cupcakes range in cost from $1.50 to $1.85.  Most cupcakes with fillings are $1.75.  Cupcakes with whipped cream topping are $1.85.  Flavor pricing is further provided at the consultation. Contact Katie for other pricing questions.

All orders are subject to a decorating (labor) fee.  On average, we decorate 40 cupcakes per hour @ $25/hour.  In the event you have a special request, however, such as a buttercream rose or fondant bow, there will be additional labor fees specific to your request. Contact Katie for specific decorating fee questions.

We have special order papers available upon request.  If not ordered, the cupcakes will come in a plain white cupcake paper.  Further information on paper pricing is provided at the consultation.


Cutting cakes are $55 – flat fee. Cakes are 6-inch 2 layer rounds in the flavor of your choice and come with smooth buttercream frosting and a simple dot bottom edge. However, if you have a special design request, please send it to Katie.  Most designs can be accommodated without extra charge.

Some couples may opt for 2 larger cupcakes in lieu of a cutting cake.  These 4-inch muffin size cupcakes range in cost from $5 to $7, depending on flavor selected.  Cupcakes can come decorated as normal or as a bride and groom for a small additional fee.


Stand rentals are available if needed.  Tiered displays are $50.  Vintage boxes, porcelain or pewter cake plates, and ammo boxes are available for $75.  Stand rental fee includes cost of pick-up after your event.  In the event you rent more than one piece, the total rental fee may be subject to a discount.  Contact Katie with questions.


Delivery is strongly recommended but not required.  Contact Katie for pricing specific to your venue.  Otherwise, see below for a general summary:

  Austin City Limits    $40 Lago Vista $55
  Driftwood $50 Wimberley $65
  Buda $50 Bastrop $55
  Kyle $55 Georgetown $55
  Dripping Springs $55    


Setup is an optional service.  Costs vary on the quantity ordered.

  Less than 75 cupcakes  $30 151-200 $100
  76-100 cupcakes $40 201-250 $120
  101-125 $60  250-300  $140
  126-150 $80 301+ $160

Your HCC Wedding Cupcake Worksheet

Cupcake Subtotal            
Flavor price point            
Decorating Details            
Qty/40 x $25             
Special Order Papers            
Special Design Requests/Add Ons             
Cutting Cake             
Larger Cupcakes            
Stand Rental             
Tax 0.0825             


Once you know you are interested in wedding cupcakes:

Why Hill Country Cupcake?

  • Over 90 flavor offerings to choose from.
      • Made with organic, high-quality, and local ingredients.
      • No shortening and no shortcuts. Everything is made from scratch and in small batches.
      • Gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free options available.
  • Product made fresh the day of your event.
  • Custom designs you cannot find anywhere else.
  • Additional optional services such as rental, delivery, and setup.
  • Family-run business with just Mom, Dad, and Daughter using family recipes and doing what we love.
  • Over 5 years of cupcake experience.
  • Over 4 years of experience in the Austin wedding industry.
  • No brick and mortar but come join us at the Farmers Market on Saturdays in order to support local farmers.

Once you know you would like to meet with us:

  • Contact Katie or Shella to set up a complimentary tasting and consultation. We encourage you to contact us at least 3 months before your event. However, as we can only accommodate one event a day, we encourage you to contact us as early on as possible.  We are booking now through June 2014.
  • As our commercial kitchen is shared with other bakers, it is closed to the public.  Therefore, we meet outside of the kitchen. We can meet North at the Starbucks on Great Hills Trail in the Arboretum (down from Saks & next to Ann Taylor). Or we can meet South at the Starbucks at 701 S. Capital of Texas Hwy at the Village at Westlake (where Capital of Texas Hwy intersects with Bee Caves Rd.).  Please let us know which location you prefer to meet.
  • We typically schedule tastings on Tuesday evenings or Sunday late morning or early afternoon. If you select a day during the week, please know you will be meeting with Shella only as Katie lives in Houston during the workweek.
  • Select up to 6 flavors to taste at our meeting. Be rest assured, there will be time to taste more if you were overwhelmed with our menu of over 90 flavors.

Once you know you want to work with us:

  • Submit your $250 deposit in the form of cash, check, or money order.  Make payable to Hill Country Cupcake.  If you prefer credit or debit card, we can send you an email request to use Paypal.
  • Work through the paperwork provided at the tasting and fill it out as much as you can.  You can mail us the contract (but keep a copy for yourself!) or scan/email it to Katie at
  • Once received, Katie takes the paperwork and starts your informal quote.  She will email or call if she has any questions.  In the event you need to make adjustments to your order (due to increase in RSVPs, change in budget, etc.), we can do so at this time.
  • Once the informal quote receives your approval, Katie sends you a formal invoice which serves as the final record of your order.  Your balance is due 30 days before your event.
  • You can add to your order up until 14 days before your event. Contact Katie to send you a new invoice.  The new invoice balance is due 10 days before your event.
  • Do NOT hesitate to contact Shella or Katie throughout the planning process.  Shella is best through phone contact, while Katie is best through email contact.  If you contact one, be rest assured the other will be updated as well.
  • In the event you have not received a phone call or email back within 48 hours, please reach out to us again.  Technology sometimes works against us, but know that all of our couples are extremely important to us.  We want you to enjoy the wedding cupcake experience!
  Katie Bycura
Owner and Cupcake Queen
Phone: (512) 300-1560
Shella Bycura
General Manager and Event Coordinator
Phone: (512) 771-3963 or (512) 228-8819
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